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The She Said Yes to Herself Unapologetically Summit was inspired by the newly released book and course content created by our platform visionary and lead organizer Chanelle Coleman (Wesley).  The She Said Yes to Herself Unapologetically Summits provide a bridge to bring together individuals and businesses that have a shared message, mission, and vision that creates the opportunity for leaders to pour purposefully, passionately, and powerfully into women. This dynamic event united Chanelle Coleman Wesley and LaQuita Parks. Together these two extraordinary women embarked upon a quest of connecting with various speakers and businesses and asking these amazing individuals to join them in pursuit of touching the lives of 1000+ women. Dr. Kevin Vaughn and Dr. Velma Bagby were quickly added to the team and the rest is summit history. 

The She Said Yes to Herself Unapologetically Summit's challenge women to say yes to themselves in the areas of health and wellness, business, entrepreneurship, relationships, self-care, self-awareness, spirituality, and much, much, more. These events are open to women all across the globe. Ladies this empowerment experience is designed to motivate, encourage, and inspire you. Get ready to say yes to yourself unapologetically! 

The She Said Yes to Herself Unapologetically Organizers

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Chanelle Coleman Wesley


Chanelle Coleman, is a native of Milwaukee Wisconsin. She is the creative powerhouse of CeCi’s Ink, an innovative storytelling company that conveys stories through poetry, books, playwrights, blogs, fashion, and motivational speaking. Chanelle is significantly inspired by her late mother’s,  penchant for prolific storytelling and developing a strong sense of faith. As a survivor of abuse, Coleman believes in passing on the communication skills she developed to cope in those environments. She is also an accomplished playwright. She strives to empower individuals who have lost their ability to advocate for themselves by challenging them to recognize the power of their voice. Her greatest accomplishment however, forever remains becoming a mother to her six beautiful children and “GiGi” to her two adorable grandchildren.


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LaQuita Parks


LaQuita Parks is the CEO and Founder of Pa-Pro-Vi Publishing. Pa-Pro-Vi means pain, progress, victory because LaQuita believes that without pain there is no progress and without progress, there can be no victory. LaQuita helps people take their stories from a "thought to a realization!" She is also the Founder & Facilitator of A Failure 2 Communicate Mentoring Program. She is also a writing coach and mentor, a 7 times published author, she is the host of her own podcast show, My Heart on Pages and the host of The Power of YOUR Story radio show. She is co-host of The Power of Your Story weekly on Clubhouse as well as the co-host on the BookSlam. LaQuita is a Christian woman who takes her relationship with God seriously. By God's grace, she has been able to accomplish so much while living with chronic pain for the last 48 years. She is the mother of 3 adult children and 4 very precious grandbabies whom she loves dearly.



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Dr. Kevin Vaughan

Technical Support

Kevin Vaughn, CEO / Founder of MLT Network, LLC

*Electronic Engineer / Business Owner

* Internet Radio / Steaming Talk Show Host

* Business & Technology Consultant

Mentor / Coach and Motivational Speaker


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